Monday, March 25, 2024

Winding down

The earth works out back are nearly completed. Over the weekend the last of the grape vine trunks they tore out last year went into the ravine and clean dirt was brought in to cover it all over. The big orange backhoe was actually down in the ravine smoothing it all. The ravine is still there, though. It's just a little neater. It'll be interesting to see what's next and if the vineyard parcel will be replanted this spring or next year.

In the foreground are the new vines planted last year.

I'm procrastinating on doing the US taxes. I've got all the documents together. It's simply a matter of entering the numbers on the web tax filing service I use. This week. I promise. Then I can procrastinate on doing the French taxes.


  1. The online platforms for doing taxes have made it so so so much faster and easier. I much appreciate that.

  2. Two taxes! When is the deadline for the French tax?

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  4. mitch, :)

    judy, yes, they're much easier than the old fashioned way.

    evelyn, the French return is due sometime in May.

    bettyann, not surprising, but I'm glad they were allowed to do it.


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