Monday, March 11, 2024

Late winter sunrise

Spring arrives officially next week. I'm looking forward to warmer temperatures and leaving the daily fire behind for another season. I'm even looking forward to spring cleaning. Sort of. The weather people are predicting a rise in temperatures through the week. Let's hope they're right.

Sunrise over the vines last Thursday.

The vineyards out back are showing signs of spring. Pruning is all but done and the support wires are back in place. The next step for the existing vines is to bend and attach their single remaining canes to the wires. Then there's the matter of the parcel that's being replanted. That could happen this spring, depending on how the clean-up goes.

And let's not forget our own back yard. I've taken all but three of the table grape vines out. They were never very productive and they made mowing around them difficult. The last three will come out soon. The tilleul (linden tree) lost a lot of small branches during winter's wind storms, so they'll have to be cleaned up. And the garden path is a mess with pine cones and sticks and little green plants trying to establish themselves in the gravel. Work to do, got work to do!


  1. You’ve always got work to do! I always love the views of the frosty vineyards.

  2. You caught the sun at the perfect moment for a nice photo.

  3. That sunrise is beautiful. Spring is in the air here too. It is supposed to approach 80 degrees this week!

  4. Oh, I do like this photo :)
    We've started putting down mulch. Our one garden path we cover in red mulch, and it takes about a dozen bags each spring to top it off, and then there are always those little green things wanting to burst through, anyway. grr! I'm getting too old for hefting around bags of mulch.

  5. mitch, ain't it the truth!

    evelyn, :)

    michael, 80! Wow! We certainly won't see that for a while.

    judy, the little green things are so annoying, and some of them have really deep, strong roots!


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