Sunday, March 24, 2024


The forsythia around the neighborhood are in full flower right now. This is our big one out back. The little one is not doing as well. I really want to cut this one back some this year, so I'll have to read up on when pruning should be done.

Forsythia in the south forty. The barrel-shaped shrub in the background is a laurier sauce (bay laurel).

Market day was successful yesterday. I got our first bunch of asperges blanches (white asparagus) of the season, a bunch of radis roses (red and white radishes), and a dozen nems (egg rolls) and two rouleaux de printemps (spring rolls) from the Asian guys. I'm looking forward to strawberry season.


  1. Walt, Bruces should be pruned immediately after flowering as they flower on one'ish year wood.... so by pruning as it goes over, plenty of new branches grow.... the big mistake that councils make in the UK is that Forsythias are included in the autumn pruning, because it is convenient... and that removes much of the one year growth and they look terrible at this time of the year.... and we have a young one and this year I will be removing the first 6" of all the tallest shoots... so that it branches out.

  2. I just planted a forsythia. I've always loved them.

  3. Thank you for this, I love forsythia. Definitely prune immediately after flowering.

  4. Wow, here we are again at white asparagus season!

  5. tim, thanks!

    evelyn, enjoy!

    bettyann, do they grow where you live?

    judy, yup! We're having some today, steamed, cooled, and eaten with mayonnaise. Mmmm!

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