Saturday, March 09, 2024

Ken's plum tree

The pink/white-blossomed tree back in the northwest corner of the yard is one that Ken grew from a plum pit. I've forgotten how many years ago he sprouted it before planting it out back. The tree has thrived back there but, unfortunately, the plums are small and not particularly good to eat. They're good for making jam or jelly, though.

We had a light frost last Thursday morning when I took this.

You might notice how the grass is growing. It's even taller and thicker in other parts of the yard. I want to cut it, but it's much too wet to try that now. Patience. The first cut of the year is always a chore, but this year looks to be especially challenging, thanks mostly to a very wet winter.


  1. The grass does look dense. Wow. The plum tree from a pit is amazing.

  2. That plum tree is in its glory!

  3. Bravo, Ken! When it dries up a little could you have your hedge trimmer guys do the first cut? Probably worth the expense.

  4. Growing that tree from a plum pit is amazing!!

  5. mitch, there are spots where it's even denser. Yuck!

    evelyn, it got even more amazing a few days after I took this photo, then it rained.

    judy, :)

    bettyann, I've got to leave a little work for myself... ;)

    michael, it worked pretty well!

  6. what an excellent story! I have tried to grow trees from seed, acorns, pits you name it never had any success.


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