Friday, March 29, 2024

The Salton Sea

When we visited CHM back in 1997, we drove around most of California's Salton Sea. There wasn't much there, but the views across the water were impressive as we made our way north along the eastern shore. I think this might be Mecca, or Mecca Beach, a campground on the eastern side. It's hard to remember.

Shore birds taking a walk on the beach.

Yesterday was a bad weather day. High winds and rain kept us in, although I did make a run to the pharmacy and we were both able to get out with Tasha for relatively dry walks. More rain is predicted over night, but it looks like the wind has calmed some. March is going out like a lion.


  1. I love imagining us crossing paths in our days in the States. We lived in San Diego in ’97 and made regular trips to Salton Sea.

  2. I had never heard of the Salton Sea, until one of you mentioned it.

  3. May April bring in the long - delayed lambs.

  4. mitch, you certainly must know Julien. We went there once or twice.

    judy, it's impressive, but the sea itself is kind of yucky.

    michael, let's hope!


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