Tuesday, March 05, 2024

Early spring

Here's a view of a section of the north forty that includes two early flowering trees. The white blossoms are on a plum tree in the corner of our neighbor's yard. The pink blossoms are on a fruitless cherry in our yard. The sun made an appearance yesterday so I thought I'd snap a few photos.

All the rain has really greened up the "lawn." View from the deck on the north side.

It's still chilly, but we haven't had a freeze. That's always a possibility in March and April and even as late as May. We had a couple of light freezes (not enough) during the winter, and since it's still winter for a couple more weeks, we shouldn't be surprised if it happens again, however unlikely we think it might be.


  1. I love the flowering tree time of year. This is beautiful.

  2. Our trees are flowering here, too. It brights things up. Our grass is still brown but the weeds are green already.


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