Sunday, March 17, 2024

I think I can see it

I think the house we rented back in 2001 is in this photo. I can't be certain. We don't have, or can't find, any paperwork with the address on it, but I remember there was a field between the road and the house on the north side (toward the left in the photo), and an even larger patch of vacant land on the south side (toward the right in the photo). Using Google Maps helped me to locate what could be the place.

Standing in central Cavaillon looking east toward the Luberon. Digitized color slide, September 2001.

The small city where I'm standing is Cavaillon. There is a high spot near the center of town with views in all directions and I think that's where this photo was taken from.


  1. I see it!

  2. Well, that's certainly not a usual viewpoint from out here in the St. Louis area! :)

  3. mitch, the property was such that we felt we were out in the country but, as you can see, we were right smack in the 'burbs.

    bettyann, lol!

    judy, ha!

    michael, sa population est de 26,000 habitants. :)


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