Thursday, March 28, 2024

Desert fox

I've got more slide scanning to do. Instead of more Provence today, you get the Southern California desert. I believe this was taken in the Joshua Tree National Park in 1997. Look closely and you'll seen Ken with CHM comparing notes on cactus photography. And, what's that? A fox in the foreground? No, it's our dog Collette enjoying some desert freedom.

I'm sure she was supposed to be on a leash. And she was, most of the time.

The weather kind of sucks right now. Wind and rain and cool temperatures. Typical March weather, I guess. And I still haven't finished the taxes. I'm scheduling that for Friday morning.


  1. I did at first glance think that was a fox!

  2. Mary in Oregon28 March, 2024 19:02

    Joshua Tree lost many of their prized specimen trees after the fires. I haven't been there in ages. What a serene place to visit; fun to see your dog, Collette inspecting the area! I, too, have to agree she could easily be mistaken for a wolf!

  3. Mary in Oregon28 March, 2024 19:06

    Ok, the big fire was July 2023. I read that Joshua Trees are only grown there, in that desert. No where else in the world! It was a terrible loss and when I do return I probably won't even recognize it

  4. Mary in Oregon28 March, 2024 19:07

    Mohave Desert (forgot to mention that!)

  5. This one startled me for it did not look like France but 'home'


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