Friday, March 15, 2024

Just one (more) look

I think the cherry tree blossoms have passed their peak now, so here's another view taken a few days after the first one. The white blossoms in back are on our neighbor's plum tree.

Cherry and plum trees are early bloomers in spring. Seen from the deck.

Today we're getting haircuts. Ken goes in first, the I go in later. Our new (to us) salon keeper is moving her business across town this month, so she'll be out of commission for a short time.


  1. In solidarity I gave myself a buzz-cut yesterday and SG went to the salon. Those trees together are breathtaking.

  2. I got a haircut this week also. Beautiful trees. The Bradford pear trees have taken over here and the dogwoods are few now due to drought I think. I will always miss the dogwoods.

  3. As I look out my window, I see all of the petals from our two Star Magnolias blowing in the wind. Almost as soon as they blossom, we get big wind and rain storms that blow off all of their petals. That happened last night... we actually had them for about a week longer than usual, though!

  4. mitch, we're all well shorn!

    evelyn, I would, too, they're very pretty.

    judy, fleeting, but beautiful!


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