Sunday, June 16, 2024

Cold, wet, dark, and miserable

The weather is cold, wet, and dark, and it's making us miserable. On the bright side... oh, wait. There is no bright side. I can't even do yucky chores like window washing because it's too cold and windy to open the windows. I guess it's good that it's dark. The dirt is less visible that way.

A little bit of blue sky from last week.

The weather gurus are predicting a warm up over the next week. With lots of rain. But we'll take it. Fun fact: in French, a low pressure weather system is called une dépression. Yeah, that sounds about right.


  1. It is also called a depression in the UK forecasting....

  2. I would send you 15 degrees of our heat if I could! It will be 97 today.

  3. Uggg. When I was in France for a French-for-Teachers workshop in mid July, around 2004, it was cold and rainy the whole two weeks... and, I think, most of the summer. Crazy, because I think it was the summer just after the horrible canicule when so many people died in France.

  4. I don’t think you’ve had five nice days this spring. :(

  5. If it is any consolation it is blazing sunshine nonstop and temps already about 40C and many people are miserable here as well.

  6. mitch, at least it's all very green.

    tim, in the US, it's called a "low."

    evelyn, ouch! Is it humid, too?

    judy, those were exceptional years. We weren't at all prepared for that heat in 2003.

    bettyann, you may be right!

    michael, it is a consolation. I don't fare well in extreme heat. Short periods are okay, but weeks or months of heat just get to me.


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