Saturday, June 22, 2024

Les pommes

Our apple trees are laden with fruit this year. Last year we had virtually none. I wonder if it's related to the weather. This past winter was warm and wet. Whatever the reason, it looks like we're in for a bumper crop. The pain is that the bigger apples have to be gathered off the ground before mowing. And the more of them that there are, the more of a pain it is. Unless... maybe the new riding mower can just make applesauce from the fallen apples.

Little apples in the back yard. They'll get bigger.

Yesterday was a wet day. And that's an understatement. We got hammered. Rain came down in buckets through the morning, one of the hardest rainstorms we've had in recent memory. Maybe ever. The rain continued into mid-day and then slacked off. A good thing, because our roofer came by then to do the measuring for the repairs he's starting next week. The forecast is good. If it's correct, we should have sunny and dry weather for the next four or five days. And won't that be nice.


  1. The ride-on will make apple puree from the fallen ones... the ride-on won't notice and sauce will vanish!!
    I do that in our orchard....
    And if you are getting big crops every other year the tree might have gone biennial... or, the weather was wrong for the pollinators... this year, despite the rain, the weather cleared when the pollinators were out, and the successive rains after have fed the apples with a goodly supply of eau!!

  2. I wonder if apple sauce makes good lawn fertilizer.

  3. Those are some nice looking apples...

  4. tim, I'll give it try once the apples start falling!

    mitch, since the apples don't fall far from the tree (as it were), only the grass under the tree will be fertilized. ;)

    evelyn, I see apple tarts in our future! :)


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