Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Funky feline fotos

Not to be outdone, Bert struck a pose on Sunday. He hadn't yet cleaned his face after his overnight adventures, but with the heat I think he's trying to conserve energy.

Bert is stretched out on white patio table, trying to keep cool.

He's been spending the hot days up on the deck, curled up in a shady spot. That works out well since Callie is hanging out on the cool concrete floor of the utility room most of the day.


  1. bertie looks like raybeard's blackso and my late steven (passed april 17, 2012).

    there's something special about les chats noir! :)

  2. Walt, I don't think he's impressed with you one bit.

  3. He's very like our own Baron (aka Bagger) even down to the little white splash on his throat and the long, slightly oriental face. Such an aristocrat! Bagger is trying to hide from the heat under my desk.

  4. What a beauty, jaguar in miniature.

    You must be relieved to have someone
    else taking over the hedge. Soon it'll
    be time to start thinking about the
    winter wood supply.

  5. I'm not surprised your back is pleased! :-) Lovely photo of Bert. Our Shadow is very similar to Bert but his face is less pointy.

  6. Love those cats! Did I tell you I used to housesit a cat named Callie? Yours is the second "Callie" that I know of. What are the odds?

  7. raybeard, watchful, yup. Wise? The jury's still out. :)

    anne marie, sorry to hear about Steven. Bert's about 6 years old now. He's a kool kat.

    mark, you're right about that.

    pollygarter, from what I understand, one of his parents was a siamese.

    judy, I'll try to do more!

    sheila, I think I can handle the wood this year.

    n&a, is Shadow an outdoor or indoor cat?

    starman, yep.

    ron, cool! You do realize that our Callie is the dog, right?

    justin, you'd like him. Do you still have Douglas? I lost track...


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