Thursday, February 28, 2013

The end of February

The snow is mostly gone now. There remain just a few shadowy places where it holds on, but not for long. I'm looking forward to the warmer days that are predicted.

Looking toward the sun over the snowy grape vines.

The sun was already pretty high in the sky during our snow walk on Tuesday morning. The fog started to burn off in places and by mid-day the sky was clear. At that point the snow had already disappeared from the tree tops.


  1. Brrrr......
    Roll on blue skies, daffodils and the lighter evenings.

  2. Super pic Walt... all horizontals and verticals... very graphic.

  3. I like the balance of the vertical trees in the background against the horizontal lines of the grapevine trellises. Guess Tim above thinks like I do.

  4. Cool photo-- hang on, spring will be here soon.

  5. Spring will be knocking on your door soon Walt.

  6. jean, you can say that again!

    tim, thanks!

    virginiac, great minds...

    judy, hanging!

    starman, ;)

    leon, I'm for that!


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