Saturday, September 03, 2016

Stacking wood

I'll tell you: stacking wood is a heck of a lot easier than having to saw and stack it. We found some people who cut wood to the size that fits in our wood stove. And, they deliver. So, after they dump the wood in the driveway, we stack it against the house. I'm happy not to have to saw it myself anymore.

The stack is two rows deep, with a third row started. The board leaning on the right is Bertie's ramp up to the deck above.

Stacking means hauling each log a few feet, but it also means picking out the half-round logs for the "towers" at each end of the stack. The towers hold the rest of the wood in, so we can have a nice, neat woodpile. These days, I stack the wood under the part of our deck that wraps around the north side of the house. Rain rarely comes from the north, so it stays pretty dry through the winter. We have tarps to cover it all, just in case.

This is what is left to stack as of Friday. I may get it done today, but will definitely finish by Sunday.

This year we seem to have an abundance of half-rounds, thankfully. I've stacked for two days now, and have one or two more days to go, depending on my stamina. You must realize, though, that I only stack for about an hour, hour-and-a-half, each day. That's enough work for me.


  1. Wow, so far, so good: well done, Walt!

  2. That looks like good wood...
    Thanks to a recommendation from Jean&Nick, we now have a "good wood" supplier....
    and, more importantly perhaps, he is younger than us!!
    So, we've now got ten stere of 50cm logs stacked neatly...
    with 50s, I can get away with one stabilising tower at each end....
    although I lean them in slightly as I go.
    Apart from selecting the flats, I find the stacking process allows "thinking" time.
    The most awkward to stack are the "uglies"... but I can't see any on your delivery!

  3. so it means winter is coming..

  4. that's a pretty steep looking ramp....Bertie must be pretty agile still

  5. What Melinda said! Glad you are no longer doing all that sawing!

  6. 60-90 minutes...makes sense to me! Glad that you found a supplier that makes your life easier. I am all for easy.

  7. I so miss cold nights and real fires. They make retirement to some cooler clime worth the price of winter.

  8. jan, thanks. It's exercise!

    tim, there are a few "uglies" as you call them, but many fewer than last year.

    gosia, let's not get hasty! :)

    anne marie, lol.

    melinda, he goes up and down with no problem!

    evelyn, me too!

    judy, it really got to be a chore, especially when the chain saw was acting up.

    christine, easy is good, much of the time.

    michael, there's winter and then there's winter. The trick is to find the right version!


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