Friday, October 28, 2016


This photo is about a week old. It's been way too foggy in recent days to get the same shot showing how much more orange and yellow the leaves are now. I'm hoping to get some shots before it all goes brown and the leaves drop, but it will depend on the fog.

Looking generally eastwards, toward the Cher River valley.

We had some minor computer issues on Thursday that took a couple of hours to mess with. First, my inkjet printer is on the outs. It's producing an error message telling me it needs to be looked at by a service technician. That's something that will likely cost more than a new printer and, given the printer's age, may not be worth it. Then, the laser printer seems to have died. After much trial and error, we think we figured out that the printer was interfering with our internal network, causing all kinds of little headaches. It's now been removed from the circuit and the network seems to be working normally again. We have a third printer that's working, so that's ok. Ken is looking on line for a new color printer. The question: inkjet or laser? We shall see.


  1. Our printer was ten years old. The last time we went to buy ink for it, we looked and new printers and bought one. We are still using the generous supplied cartridges some time later and have mega ink cartridges to replace them. I am amazed at how good our new printer is, connected by wifi to our desktop. It is an HP Envy 5640. Don't you have to do a lot of printing to justify a colour laser printer?

    1. The color laser printer costs less than 150 euros. The advantage is that even if you don't use the printer often, the toner won't dry up. Inkjet cartridges dry out too fast unless they are used several times a week. Then you have to buy more.

  2. Boy, I've certainly experienced the inkjet-cartridge-dry-up blues, myself. Especially on Epson printers (three different ones-- each came as a freebie with some new purchase). I have found the most success with HP (ink jet) printers, so I stick with those now. Laser is nicer, though. Let us know what you get!

  3. Our printer died a while ago and we muddled along with a variety of second hand ones. Finally we bought a new one recently, which does scanning and photocopying as well. It was on special at €30 in one of the big supermarkets. So far it's good.

  4. I wish I had a calendar made from your fabulous vineyard photos, to mark the months as they go by.


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