Saturday, October 08, 2016

Heating season has begun

The central heat came on Friday morning. Or, more accurately, it tried. There was some kind of error and the system shut itself down. I pressed the "reset" button and all returned to normal. I have the thermostat set low right now, at 17ºC (62ºF). As the days get colder, I'll eventually nudge it up, but by then I'll probably be building the daily fire in the wood stove, so the heat will just be on in the mornings.

It still looks like summer, but the mornings definitely feel like fall.

This morning is a little warmer and, while the system started up normally, it hasn't had to provide much heat. Pretty soon we'll have to shut the whole thing down for a day or two while a new towel warmer radiator gets plumbed in. We'll keep you posted on that.


  1. Yes, we too on the other side of 'La manche' are definitely starting to feel the nippier air. I've managed to stave off the inevitable 'turn-on' so far, but its timing is more likely to be determined by a desire to keep the pussies comfy rather than for myself. (Priorities, Walt, priorities!)

  2. Oh, a towel warmer, how wonderful!

  3. in my apartment today we switch on central heating

  4. Happiness is a warm...towel!

  5. "new towel warmer radiator" -- that green flash you just saw is me, doing envy. I've looked for those in the US, and they are hard to find and mega-expensive. Yet they're pretty close to standard issue in European baths.
    Evelyn is right, happiness is a warm towel.

  6. raybeard, so selfless! :)

    bettyann, kills two birds with one stone.

    gosia, it's that time of year!

    evelyn, we've had them in gîtes and they're nice.

    emm, most of them here are vertical, but our space is under a window so we wanted a horizontal model. Not so common here, and therefore a bit more expensive. :(

  7. And here I'm sleeping with the AC on. Doors and windows open to fresh air all day, but AC for me at night. I love towel warmers and wouldn't mind having one in a few months (maybe).


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