Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Not a good apple year

At least not at our place. Normally, our apple trees have an abundant crop every other year. The off-years still have apples, just not as many. I've forgotten where we are in the cycle, but  two things happened earlier this year that had the effect of virtually eliminating our crop this year. First, we had two of the trees severely pruned. I'm thinking that it will take them a season to recover. Second, and more importantly, there was bad weather around the time the trees bloomed and I think that had an impact on pollination. Only a few trees in the whole neighborhood have fruit this year.

These apples are on a small tree out by the vineyard. It doesn't belong to us.

I've really enjoyed not having to pick apples up off the ground each time I cut the grass this past summer. That gets old real fast. But, on the other hand, we have no apples for pies or sauce. I'm sure that the apples will be back next year. Those two pruned trees will probably bounce back with a big crop, provided the blossoms aren't damaged by weather.

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  1. We can send you up a bag via Nick and Jean...they'll be keepers...
    Reinette Blanche and Newton's Wonder....
    biggies,need to be kept cool to keep.
    Dehydrate well, too!


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