Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Still harvesting

The red grapes are being picked now, at least the ones outside our back gate. The harvesting machine was out there Monday afternoon and, when I took my evening walk with Callie, I could see that a big parcel of red grapes was picked clean. There's still another parcel of red grapes to the north of our house, but I'll bet that will be harvested soon.

Looking west out near the end of our dirt road to the vineyards beyond.

This photo is of hand-harvesters out a mile or so west of our house. I took it about two weeks ago when the harvests were getting started. Now it's almost done. And, speaking of harvests, I picked about a half-dozen figs from our tree. You might remember that this is the first year that we've actually had edible fruit on the fig tree. After ten years or so (and after having been frozen to the ground one year), the tree has finally matured into what I hope will be a producer for years to come. And the figs are delicious!


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