Monday, October 03, 2016


In French, a praying mantis is called une mante religieuse. I saw this one on the deck Saturday and tried to take a few photos. Most of them didn't come out well as the mantis was moving pretty quickly through the geraniums before it took off. But this one isn't bad.

The mantis spent a total of about one minute climbing through the geraniums before flying off the deck.

It wasn't very big as mantises go, so I wondered if it was a juvenile. It probably wasn't, though, because I read that the mantis' mating season is August through October, which is now, with the eggs not hatching out until spring. So this one was likely on the prowl for a mate.


  1. That is a terrific photo; the mantis looks so contemplative.

  2. Oh my gosh Walt, this is amazing! The detail in the antenna is wonderful.

  3. wilma, look can be deceiving... he/she was making a quick getaway. :)

    christine, sometimes I get lucky. I had better compositions, but they were technically not very good. It was just moving too fast.


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