Sunday, October 02, 2016


When we bought our house, there were three flowering shrubs in the yard that the previous owner told us were called althéa. Two were growing out by the real fake well and they had pink and purple flowers. The third was on the other side of the house and it blooms white. I removed the two shrubs by the well and left the white one by the garage.

Hibiscus syriacus.

My extensive quick and dirty internet research tells me that while althéa is the vernacular name for these plants in France, true althéa are different plants. These are hibiscus syriacus, known as "rose of Sharon" in the US. This one is currently blooming in a neighbor's garden and is close to the color of the two that I removed all those years ago. I removed them because I didn't like where they were growing. I didn't think about transplanting them, but I don't know if that would have worked.


  1. We recently bought three of these plants, as they apparently can thrive in our horrible clay soil. They're gorgeous.

  2. one of my favourite flowers

  3. Oh, I think they'll thrive anywhere you put them. They are almost weed-like in their tendency to pop up everywhere in your yard, almost like bamboo does, once you have it somewhere. We have a row of white and pink ones, interspersed with lilacs (they bloom at different times, from early spring to early summer), and we have some in a few other spots. Very pretty and very easy.


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