Sunday, October 09, 2016

Nothing to see here

This gate out among the vineyard parcels blocks vehicular access to the artsy organized neighbor's property. Just beyond the gate is the little road (that disappears down into the ravine to the south) and the path through the woods that Callie likes to walk. There are also stacks of logs, piles of gravel, old roof tiles, discarded roadside bollards, and disaffected construction equipment among the trees to the left of this spot. The metal gate replaced an old chain that was strung between the posts. The red tape is a more recent addition to the collection.

You can just barely see, under the tape just in front of the woods, an old roadside reflective post, one of eight or nine installed in a line through the woods.

This past spring we noticed a lot of activity back there. Big tractors and trucks seemed to be moving earth. Indeed, a huge amount of landfill dirt and gravel was laid down and graded, resulting in a large level area where the dirt road dives down into the ravine. Then it all stopped. It's unlikely that anything will be built there and we have no idea what purpose it could serve. It's as if this kind of thing is his hobby. We've also noticed that old roadside reflective posts have been installed at intervals through the woods. Very strange.


  1. Alien landing site. (Wonder if it's legal.)

  2. More mystery for you to dangle in front of us :)

  3. That gate makes me want to have a look behind it....maybe you could send Callie over there with one of those new little cameras that people attach to animals lol.

  4. mitch, ah, that would explain many things.

    judy, mystères et boules de gomme.

    gosia, :)

    evelyn, we walk over there all the time. I don't think anyone minds.


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