Thursday, October 06, 2016

More harvesting

Callie and I walked by the harvesters on Wednesday morning. They were just arriving and getting under way when we went by. Callie knows most of the people, but she doesn't like the big machines. Still, she was a good sport and said hello to some of the workers and then got out of there pretty quickly.

Harvesting under way as the sun rises.

The harvesters spent the morning out there working, and then around lunch time they headed home. I got a photo of the haul as the grapes were taken back to the winery for crushing. It won't be long before this is all over for another year. It's fun to watch the harvest and even more fun to taste the result.

The harvested grapes head to the winery, seen from the deck.


  1. It's a wonderful even to witness and your shots are perfect.

  2. I learned the term les vendanges from you and Ken -- thanks for showing us :)

  3. do they go to a particular winery, one with a name I could purchase? How fine it would be to have a bottle knowing it was done with grapes you have seen.

  4. mitch, it's an annual treat for us to watch, and trying to figure out why they harvest certain parcels when.

    judy, cool!

    michael, yes, they are called "Domaine de la Renaudie" and are on the internet (in English as well as French). They export almost half of their production, but mainly to Europe, the UK, and Asia. I do believe they do some export to the US, but not sure how widely it's distributed. Best to ask a reputable wine store owner where you are. :)

    1. thank you! Tomorrow I will seek it out at the Wine Depot; they are pretty good at stocking things.


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