Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Le seche-serviette

I've been calling it a towel warmer, but in French it's called a towel drier, and rightly so. The goal is to have dry towels on cold winter mornings. Nothing is worse than a cold and clammy towel, right? And now the new towel drier is installed and working. Yay! The plumber finished up the hard work on Monday.

Before photo. The old radiator.

There were some unforeseen issues, like a leak in the main line after he had to mess with it. It's "only" fifty years old, so some problems are to be expected. He had to replace a section of the main line with new pipe. If you're wondering why the time on the second photo is earlier than the first, I took the second photo on a different day. Ha!

During photo. The old radiator is gone.

But all seems to be well. Next, he started on replacing the hardware on our bidet, which you can see on the left in the photo. The new faucet handles are fabulous. Where once the water trickled, it now flows. We still have a little problem with the drain plug, but he's working on that.

Installed and working! The supply & return pipes on the bottom will eventually be painted white.

Work on the shower will start on Monday next. The plumber's truck had a little problem last week when the transmission failed. So he's getting that fixed on Thursday. He doesn't want to start the shower until he has the full use of his truck (with all the supplies and tools inside). So Monday it is.


  1. We chose to have an oil/electric towel drier/warmer so it is independent of the Central Heating. The big issue is how to get the towels to look tidy!

  2. Hey, that's a nice, spacious salle de bains :) Such fun to have new things! The seche-serviette looks great!

  3. Much more attractive and far more useful. Congratulations!

  4. So nice! I love your windows, they seem much better made and designed than what we have in the states.

  5. The towel warmer runs on hot water? Somehow, I thought they were electrically heated.

  6. I love it. And I love the very French look of your bathroom (and I have no idea why it looks French to me).


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