Friday, October 07, 2016

Needs a little work

This is our garden shed. Aside from the fact that the inside needs to be emptied, cleaned, and reorganized, the outside could use a little work. Especially the shutters. They're real shutters and I do close them in the winter, but they need to be taken down, scraped and sanded, and repainted. Yup.

The cracks in the walls should be patched, too.

Those are also real spider webs in the window. Very appropriate for this time of year, but otherwise not so nice. They cover everything inside, too. This is where we keep the lawnmower, the garden tiller, shovels, rakes, and all kinds of other things for and from the garden. We had a new door put on many years ago. The original door practically disintegrated before my eyes when we arrived. I've cleaned out the shed several times over the years, but not recently. Now it's getting too cold to do it this year. Maybe next spring.


  1. "Now it's getting too cold to do it this year. Maybe next spring."
    Man-yawn-nah! Man-yawn-nah!

  2. I vote for blue paint on the shutters next year. Would go nicely with those lovely late-blooming yellow flowers.

  3. It sure still feels too early to be talking about "too cold to..." :) At least, here. We've still had mid 80s F this week! I think today is the day it all starts to change, though.

  4. And yet so charming. I'd love your beautiful home, gardens, and setting. I wouldn't love all the work!

  5. You should speak more respectfully about your little shed. 'Round these parts, that would be prime real estate.

  6. A. asked if you have black widow spiders in France...I found a big one in the crook of one my tools a few years ago, and moved my hand before it could attack. I was lucky; it was a bigun.

    Charming shed. The zs make me smile each time I see them.

  7. tim, I'm allowed! ;)

    kiwi, we'll see. Color like that is not the norm here.

    judy, wow! That seems hot for October.

    mitch, there is a fair amount of work, but I count it as exercise.

    chris, I wouldn't be able to afford to live in it, there!

    christine, I don't think we do here, although there is apparently a species that is found around the Mediterranean.


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