Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Pigeon wire

The window openings in this old building in Châtillon-sur-Indre are lined with what we in the US call "chicken wire." I'm assuming that it was put there to keep wild birds out and not to keep chickens in. Pigeons and other birds can really make a mess of empty building if they find their way in.

There look to be some breaches in the bird defense network.

Our contractor has finished his work until Monday. In addition to installing the towel drier, he also replaced the faucets and drain on the bidet and installed a second outdoor spigot on the back of the house. We wanted a new spigot because the existing one will be inside the new greenhouse, which is impractical for outdoor use, so a second one outside the greenhouse made sense. On Monday, he'll start the plumbing work for the new shower.

Work on the greenhouse is expected to conclude on Saturday with the installation of the glass panels. Fortunately, our weather forecast is for dry days through the weekend.


  1. I wonder what the herring bone pattern on the stone to the left of the window is all about?

  2. Good question, Susan.
    Walt, wow, that was good thinking about installing the additional spigot outside!

  3. Those pigeons are very clever little suckers and usually figure out a way through just about anything. What a mess that must be inside. So glad your work is progressing. We, too, have a gazillion projects going on at once. I'm looking forward to sharing AFTER photos in November (I hope)!

  4. susan, I noticed that, too. No idea!

    judy, I think we'll be glad we did.

    mitch, looking forward to it!


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