Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Go FIGure

A friend of ours gave us some figs from her tree. She said it's producing a lot of fruit this year and shared some with us, as she did last year. Ken stopped by her place while out running errands on Tuesday and came home with this nice box of figs.

A box of beautiful fresh figs.

Meanwhile, our little fig tree is producing its first edible figs this year. Our friend's offer prompted me to go out and see how they were doing. Lo and behold, there were at least half a dozen ripe figs ready for picking. Our figs are a different variety from those of our friend, and are also different from the figs one of our neighbors grows.

Figs from our own tree.

So, I cut up all of our figs and added a few of the friend's figs to make a fig tart yesterday. Today, Ken plans to preserve the remaining figs by cooking them in a syrup and freezing them. They'll be great through the holiday season with foie gras and other traditional dishes.

A fig tart, fresh from the oven.


  1. Your tarts are always so beautiful. I am sure if you entered a contest, you would be the winner. :)

  2. I love fresh figs and "hate" dried ones. I'd love to taste your tarte aux figues, it looks so good.I dont't think I ever tasted one.

  3. Don't think I've ever tasted a fig other than as in 'syrup of figs', though even that must have been all of 60 years ago. I'm curious if eating them has an equivalent, probably lesser (I should hope), characteristic.
    I've still never tried pumpkin, something you mentioned some months ago - I think it was you. Now I've put figs down too on what is turning into a 'bucket list'.

  4. time to make "a figgy pudding"(as in the holiday song) and some fig newton cookies? :)

  5. This reminds me, I have to share a simple appetizer recipe (YES, I have a recipe to share) that we had in Seattle!

  6. I believe James Bond once requested green figs with yoghourt for breakfast while staying on a Greek Isle. Paradise. Figs soaked in Port aren't bad either, but your tart takes the cake!

    1. Yes, you're absolutely right. I'm just re-reading all the Bond novels for the 5th (or is it 6th?) time - and I'm pretty sure that this order of a fig breakfast occurs in 'Thunderball'. It must be a valid choice as, no matter what one thinks of Fleming in other respects, his descriptions of food throughout the series are really mouth-watering, and certainly get me salivating.

  7. madonna, not so sure with all the competition out there. :)

    chm, fresh are better, that's for sure.

    raybeard, when they're ripe they're tasty sweet. And they're good made into jam.

    anne marie, I love newtons, but I've never had "figgy pudding."

    mitch, please do!

    wilma, figs soaked in port sound wonderful! And I just happen to have some port in the house... ;)


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