Monday, October 17, 2016

Where it was

Here's the spot where the old toaster oven sat for a few years. Now it's canisters filled with dry goods. There's white sugar, spaghetti, raisins, tea bags, wheat semolina, millet, barley, and whole wheat flour.

These are just a few of the old canning jars that we use for storing things around the kitchen.

There may be rain today. I can see it coming toward us on the radar feed, but it more or less breaks apart as it gets close to us. As usual, we're on the "line" between rain and no rain. We're in a place that's difficult to predict.


  1. Your kitchen looks super tidy.... it is like a shot for Homes & Gardens!!
    AND.... you've got one of "those" food mixers.... verrry porsch!!
    I do think that the Le Parfait style jars make an attractive way of keeping things...
    in containers... in a kitchen.
    Even their Familia Wiss ones.... sorry Tupperware, but the glass has it!
    I keep looking at the older types that I see in the vide-greniers....
    still perfectly serviceable after 60+ years... just need new rings from the brico!!
    I think doing this might tidy our kitchen area up a tad....

  2. We are definitely in the rain zone today, for once. It's just light drizzle though. The forecast was for occasional showers, but it looks like it's just going to drizzle all day.

    1. Susan, it was just becoming sunny here when you typed the above... you must have got the sun that followed, surely!

  3. That sure makes for a lovely kitchen scene, Walt :)

  4. The canning jars look much nicer than a toaster oven. It's been drizzling all day here in Lisbon.

  5. Meant to add that I've always loved the color of your kitchen.

  6. tim, we have to (try to) be tidy since we have not much storage and not a lot of work surface.

    susan, we got about 2.5mm before the clouds moved off and the sun came out. I hope you got some sun as well.

    judy, Martha Stewart drops by every now and then...

    bettyann, Lisbon! Nice place, from what I've seen on tv. Enjoy!

    evelyn, we'd like to re-do it (to add storage and more counter space), but it functions well enough that it's been low on the priority list.

  7. Evelyn said what I was going to say. :-)


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