Monday, October 10, 2016

Fall bulbs

I never got around to planting these in the ground, but I'm happy they came up again in their pot. I promise I'll try to get them into the ground once they've finished flowering. I did a little internet research to be sure that's the right time, but I didn't find anything definitive.

Colchiques dans les prés, fleurissent, fleurissent; colchiques dans les prés, c'est la fin de l'été.

From what I can tell, they are some kind of colchique (colchicum), commonly known as autumn crocus (there's a label in the pot that says "yellow colchicum." Most of the examples of this plant I found on the internet are wild and flower before leaves are visible, but this one put its leaves up before the flowers, so I'm a little confused by that. Colchiques are not true crocuses and should not be taken for saffron-producing flowers. These are highly toxic if ingested.


  1. I have never heard of this plant before. But, I may have seen it on my walk a few days ago, because I saw a plot of what looked like crocus plants, in full bloom. I thought that was odd, to see blooming crocus flowers in October. They weren't yellow though... are there other colors of this plant?

  2. Colchiquesare usually shades of purple. This one, probably, is a cultivar.

  3. Colchiques dans les prés, fleurissent, fleurissent; colchiques dans les prés, c'est la fin de l'été.

    Ah, when we sang that song in class back when i was 8 y.o :-)

  4. This is a variety of Crocus (Crocus specious)....not a colchicum.... it is a garden plant...
    now naturalized local to where it has been isn't a very successful invader.
    The true Autumn Crocus is as chm says, purple...and flowers when the leaves are absent.
    It has the Latin name of Crocus nudiflorum.....
    the true Colchicum is Naked Ladies or Meadow Saffron Colchicum autumnale and can be seen in damp ditches now...
    it is two to three times the size of any Crocuses....and the leaves and strange, bud-like seedpod, come up in the Spring....
    it is, as you mention....HIGHLY TOXIC....
    but so is true Saffron!
    5gms is all you need to kill someone.... so, beware of people serving you very yellow saffron custard dishes!

  5. the US, Naked Ladies are a type of lily...


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