Thursday, October 13, 2016

Red berries

We've been having chilly mornings. The heat comes on and takes the chill off. On Wednesday I built the first fire of the season in the wood stove. I'm not sure it was really necessary, but it felt nice just the same. After today we're expecting a slight warm-up.

These red berries appear on the edge of the woods every year in the fall.

On Tuesday morning while I was making toast, I glanced over at the toaster oven and noticed something peculiar: the heating elements were dark except for one small spot that glowed bright red. Then all the lights went out. The oven seems to have shorted out and it tripped the house's main breaker. I unplugged the oven and reset the breaker to restore power. No problem. So... we got rid of the toaster oven. We didn't like it much anyway, so we're happy it's gone. Ken ordered a regular pop-up style toaster on line and it should be delivered soon.


  1. I've never wanted to have a toaster oven. They must be useful to some folks, but I've never felt the need for one.

  2. We've got a pop-up toaster. I've even 'cooked' with it. That photo is brilliant. Just when I think you've wowed me to the limit, you wow me some more!

  3. Circuit breakers sure make life easier (and safer!) than the old style fuses. Beautiful image. The one berry that blew a fuse and went dim adds a bit of charm to the composition. ;-)

  4. Magnificent photo Walt! Electricity terrifies me, although folks say it is very simple. Good to have the new toaster, and glad it didn't kill anything else in your home.

  5. judy, they can come in handy, but we could never get our last one to work the way we thought it should.

    mitch, I found I was mostly making toast in the toaster oven. I toasted walnuts or sesame seeds sometimes, but I can easily do those on top of the stove. Now it's a pop-up for us!

    wilma, I noticed that, too...

    christine, light switches and lamps are about my limit when it comes to electrical stuff. ;)


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