Thursday, October 27, 2016

Did someone say, "Halloween?"

Bert the black cat is doing his best to get into the Halloween spirit. Here he is posing next to one of the pumpkins from our garden. You can tell he's into it. After two or three photos, he high-tailed it out of there.

Bert says, "Happy Halloween!" Can I go now?

Halloween is not celebrated here like it is in the US. The holiday is November 1, called la Toussaint, or All Saints Day. It's a day off from work, and many people will take a long weekend, or even a week, for vacation. Kids are off from school for two weeks. It's the last gasp before the big holiday season coming up.


  1. Bert has a very expressive face.

  2. When people say "All black cats are alike" it's simply not true, most of all in their faces. My Blackso's face is nothing like Bert's - though both are equally handsome in their individual ways.

  3. OH, I love this photo so much! Our cat would never cooperate like Bertie did.

  4. what a handsome boy! he's ready for autumn!

  5. Great photo! I am amazed Bert stayed put long enough for the photo, but then you are fast. Also love the rose hips.

  6. chm, he's very mellow!

    kiwi, thanks!

    wilma, he has the same look for every occasion...

    raybeard, Bert's part Siamese and he has interesting red tinges in his coat, most visible when he's in the sun.

    evelyn, I'm not sure cooperation is the right word... lol!

    gosia, :)

    anne marie, yup!

    christine, I snapped three shots before he decided that was enough and leaped off the table.


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