Thursday, November 10, 2016


Wind and rain were the orders of the day on Wednesday. The house felt cold. It always does when a cold wind blows. I didn't build a fire because I thought the chimney might be swept yesterday, but it turns out to be happening this morning instead. Callie and I dodged frigid raindrops on our climb back up the hill in the afternoon. Too many of them hit their mark.

A little blue sky on Tuesday morning.

The tile did not arrive yesterday, but I got an email over night from the tile guy saying that it will be here this morning. The plumber informed us yesterday that he's away all next week. The finish line has been moved. The contents of our bathroom will remain piled in the guest room for a while longer. Callie is generously sharing her shower stall in utility room with us in the meantime.


  1. The upheaval of having work done in the house is so frustrating. I hope they finish soon so you can get back to normal.

  2. Using the downstairs shower sounds a bit chilly!

  3. Chilly downstairs shower speeds up the washing and dressing routine!

  4. Oh those moving targets. It's a good thing Callie is kind.

  5. Ahhh, that's a great view of the blue and the water and the color :)

  6. Beautiful photograph. Very soothing.

  7. I like your greenhouse pictures, and the lovely moody one from the day previous.

  8. jean, we had another little setback on Thursday. But nothing we can't handle.

    susan, yes, it can be, but at least we have a shower with hot water!

    potty, it speeds up the drying and the running back upstairs to get dressed!

    mitch, a very good thing!

    judy, I thought it was gloomy and optimistic at the same time.

    angiemanzi, and many of us need that right now.

    emm, thanks!


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