Friday, August 18, 2017

Thursday's harvest

Our tomatoes are starting to come in. Soon it will be time to make sauce for the freezer. And the lemon squash are going gangbusters. I'm not sure what we'll do with it all. And the zukes are still producing, of course.

All kinds of tomatoes, including romas, juliets, yellows, cœur de bœuf, and fireballs.

I have to pick some of the tomatoes before they're completely ripe. Sometimes they're sitting on the ground, and that's not good. Other times they're very heavy looking and need to come off the vine. And then there are the ones that come off by themselves. So I put them all out on the deck to ripen, and they do. It's always iffy, doing a vegetable garden. You never know how it's going to work out when you start. We've had our good years and some bad years, the bad being related to weather or blight, but overall it's been good. I'm starting to look forward to next year.

A surplus of lemon squash.

We had our annual "bat in the loft" on Wednesday night. It seems that once a year a bat flies into the loft through an open window. Then it spins around the room dodging the rafters while we run around with pillows trying to shoo it out. It only took a few minutes to get it to go out this time. During all the commotion, Tasha sat on the floor and yawned.


  1. WOW!! They look delish!!!! I love your garden!!!

  2. Beautiful crops! We were once having drinks at a new hotel in DC in the '80s when a bat flew in. Lofty ceilings. Grand spaces. Staff chased it with a tablecloth for a half hour. Finally dropped the cloth over it and then peaked underneath a minute later, and it started all over. The floor show was even better than the piano player.

  3. Amaaaaaaazing photos of these luscious tomatoes and squash.
    I can't believe that Tasha just took the bat in stride??

  4. Hard to believe all those lemon squash have come from just one plant...I believe that's what either Ken or you said previously. It must be a hybrid, but still it would be interesting to save some seeds and see what you get.

  5. "So I put them all out on the deck to ripen..."
    A squirrel banquet!

  6. leesa, thanks!

    mitch, was there a cover charge? ;)

    judy, she didn't "bat" an eye. In stark contrast to Callie, who could have woken the dead with her barking.

    sheila, yes, all from one plant. And we plan to try to save some seeds for next year, so we'll see.

    chris, all we'd need would be the squirrels. The red squirrels we have are neither numerous nor bold enough to attempt that.

  7. Haha Walt, your words about the bat painted a cartoon in my mind.


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