Sunday, September 17, 2017

Change is our friend

Fall is officially just a few days away and the signs of change are upon us. The leaves on our tilleul (linden tree) are starting to go yellow, as are the leaves of the tall poplars on a neighbor's property. Here and there are some deep reds, like on this plant in the woods.

A pretty crimson on the forest floor.

And it's not just the leaves that are changing. We got a note in our mailbox yesterday informing us that the local baker is discontinuing bread delivery as of next week. That will be a big change for us, since we've had bread delivery since the fall of 2004, nearly thirteen years. It's not a hardship, but it's the end of a convenience. On the upside, we'll be able to get bread from the different bakeries around our area, giving us a wider selection of tastes and textures, and the occasional pretty pastry will be less easy to resist. Oh, poor us!


  1. Sorry about the bread delivery. You had is so good. I guess Tasha will get more car rides now!

  2. Oh, wow! The end of an era! We were all so impressed with the bread deliveries :) Do you think you'll also make more of your own bread?

  3. Oh, I should be so deprived to have several French bakeries to choose from! ;)

  4. One of the many things I envy of you is your access to lovely bread. I am sorry you won't have it delivered but be grateful: people in Arizona are starving for a decent slice of proper bread. hohoho


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