Friday, September 15, 2017

Montparnasse tower

La Tour Montparnasse was, until 2011, the tallest building in Paris with fifty-eight floors rising to 209 meters. Completed in the early 1970s, the tower sits at the southern end of the rue de Rennes, just in front of the Montparnasse train station. It's an office building, but it has an observation deck and restaurant at the top that are open to the public.

The view of the Tour Montparnasse as seen from the dome of the Panthéon.

The neighborhood just north of the tower is where I spent much of my study abroad year back in 1981-82 and the tower was always a landmark (among others) for finding my way around. I've been up to the top several times over the years and highly recommend it. I've never found it as crowded as the other popular monuments in the city and the views are spectacular.


  1. I've been up to the top too, after hearing that the best 'aerial' views of Paris are not from high up on the you-know-what (where everyone goes) but from this particular vantage point - and it's true. A view which takes in, for good measure, La Tour Eiffel itself, naturally.

  2. Some people joke that it's better to see the Eiffel Tower from the Tour Montparnasse than vice-versa. It's certainly a lot less hassle. I'm still awaiting the day the TM is covered in LEDs and it can morph into anything... like the sky.

  3. yes i always suggest to people

  4. We were horrified by how expensive it is to go up on the roof of La Defense -- €15 just to go up, €18 if you wanted to see the exhibition as well.

  5. raybeard, the building's location makes it a great spot to take in the whole city and, yes, you also get to see the Eiffel Tower!

    stuart, I've heard it was said that the Tour Montparnasse has the best views of Paris because it's the only place from where it can't be seen.

    melinda, cool!

    susan, I've only been up to the top of Grande Arche once, many, many moons ago!


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