Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Tasha Tuesday

What is it with sheepdogs? You might remember that Callie, a border collie, would pick up grape vine trunks in the vineyard and bring them back home. I'm still burning them in the wood stove. Tasha has developed this habit, too, but in miniature. She finds small grape sticks and carries them around for a while. Then she drops them. She doesn't bring them home. Yet.

Tasha dropped her stick on the road and posed when I pointed the camera at her.

It doesn't help that I encourage her whenever she finds a "stick" to carry around for a while. In fact, whenever she starts to jump on me (with her wet paws) I ask her to find a "stick" and away she goes.

So I said, "Tasha, get your stick!" She picked it up and ran toward me. Always in motion, this one is.


  1. Handsome girl. Probably rated as a 'cracker' in the doggie world.

  2. She looks so adult! And what a beauty!

  3. Probably Callie told her about how great it was, but didn't have time to tell her to bring the sticks home!

  4. An endless source of entertainment.

  5. Working dogs--they need a job. Getting a stick is a good job!

  6. It's probably a form of herding. You and Ken aren't a very big flock, so she has to improvise. Working dogs gotta work.

  7. raybeard, I'm not sure what that means... To us Yanks, a "cracker" is someone from Florida!

    mitch, she'll be two years old in February. Already!

    chm, awww, probably!

    judy, Tasha can't pick up the big vine trunks that Callie brought home, so I wouldn't mind if Tasha brought the little sticks home. Kindling!

    sillygirl, and stuffing for the vacuum cleaner (fur).

    ginny, so true! They love tasks, especially the ones that involve food.

    anne marie, Puppy Claus (Claws?) is coming to town!

    emm, yes they do!


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