Wednesday, August 28, 2019

A stormy evening, a restless night

For about an hour last evening we experienced rain. Not a lot, but a steady mild rain with some rumbling thunder. We were on the edge of the storm because we consistently heard the thunder to our west as it moved northward. It was nice to get some rain, but it had stopped by nightfall and the stars came out in a mostly clear sky.

One of our roses is producing flowers again.

I had another bad night of sleep or, rather, lack of sleep. My legs will not calm down. The moment I lie down, my leg muscles tense up, just short of cramping. I constantly want to move them, stretch, or get up and walk around. It keeps me from falling asleep. I've read about "restless leg syndrome" and how nobody really knows what it is or how to deal with it. This has been going on for a long time, but it's been much worse in the past few months. I suppose I'll mention it to the doctor when I see him this fall, but I'm not certain what, if anything, can be done.


  1. Pauline had RLS, and there are many things that can be done...
    she was given a course of tablets... which worked.
    These tablets were outwith her Parkinson's medication... not the same thin!

  2. A friend suffered from the same complaint and I don't recall that he could do anything about it. Maybe try consciously relaxing your body and your legs.

  3. the old wives tale says to put a bar of ivory soap under the sheet at end of bed

  4. Not last night - but Monday night I got a cramp in my big toe! 1st time ever! Miserable.
    I have had night leg cramps in the past but once I started having a banana daily with my breakfast; I haven't had any until the toe episode. I just did some research and potassium (bananas) has been helpful for many people. Good luck!

    Mary in Oregon

  5. I hope your doctor can help. My dad had leg cramps and so do I without rhyme or reason though. Bonne chance!

  6. Read up on potassium and magnesium, I think they figure in RLS. It may be something as simple as a dietary imbalance.
    Lovely rose picture.

  7. I just found out that what has been bothering me for the past year or so might be RLS. The symptoms I found on the net fit the bill. I'm going to see a doctor for confirmation. The good news is you know what's bothering you, the bad news is trhere is not much you can do about it!

  8. tim, I'll see what the doc says.

    andrew, oh, I've tried, but I'm not very good at it!

    melinda, wrapped or unwrapped?

    mary, I get plenty of potassium, so that's not it.

    evelyn, I don't get cramps, just the urge to move my legs.

    emm, my diet is rich in potassium and magnesium, fortunately.

    chm, n'est-ce pas ! :(

  9. Late suggestion. Would doing front lunges ("touch your toes") help alleviate the problem? And before going to bed take an aspirin (or two) which should work for at least part of the night. Roderick

  10. I get restless leg syndrome too. My solution works every time. I get up, go into the dining room (so as to not wake my husband) then do 2 or 3 minutes of rapid walking on the spot. Usually 200 steps works (I count!) I hold onto the back of the chair so that I won't fall over. I raise my heart rate a bit (never measured) and respiration, but not enough to get worn out. Fall asleep within a couple of minutes after that.

  11. roderick, I've done both and they help a little, but not enough. Ugh.

    david, worth a try! Thanks!


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