Saturday, August 17, 2019


We had what we call the "loft" built out in 2010. It's the attic of our house, made into one big room. Because our budget was limited, we decided not to have a bathroom built up there then, but to wait until later. Well, later came this year.

The new half-bath from the outside.

The result is a new half-bath, or wc, in the northwest corner of the room. The plumbing was tricky. At first we thought the drain would go outside the house, down to an underground pipe that would connect to the sewer line on the other end of the building. Our plumber said that was possible, but it would be very expensive. He suggested an alternative that kept the plumbing inside the house, across the attic in the closet space, and down to where the existing toilet connects to the sewer. It turned out to be a good solution.

Here's the "before" shot, but without the furniture we kept in the corner. You can see the closet space behind the radiator where the plumbing was installed.

So, now we have a half-bath in the bedroom area of the loft. No more need to go down a flight of stairs in the night. And it helps when we have guests. The old wc shares a wall with the guest room and, well, one can hear everything. But no more!

Inside the new half-bath. There's a small hot water heater behind the sink so we don't have to wait for hot water from two floors down.

We're very happy with the work and the result. There are still some things to hang on the walls, but that won't take much effort. I also like the way the large loft space looks with the new room in the corner. It adds a little more visual interest.


  1. That was the perfect addition.

    1. Did you notice my grandmother's plants in the clay pot on the dresser, under the mirror?

    2. No, as a matter of fact, I didn't. Is it the one I brought you back from California or the one MA had in Morehead City?

  2. I love it! And I love the new angles it adds to the loft!

  3. It really does look great over there in that section, now. Love it!

  4. I bet you're really pleased you had the half-bath added;it must be very convenient! I see you've replaced the rug. Wasn't the previous one okay?

  5. Most excellent. You will find yourselves in demand as consultants when people are improving houses.
    The door is a very nice choice.

  6. chm, we're glad we finally did it.

    mitch, a pretty lofty endeavor!

    judy, and it's nice to have water upstairs.

    elgee, the previous one is still there, under the first. We're trying different things.

    evelyn, and it's a pocket door!

    emm, I doubt that, lol!

  7. This all is very appealing to me - clean and no clutter! - you all did well.

  8. LOVERLY job! and it doesn't take up too much room in the loft.


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