Friday, August 23, 2019

Wild grapes

They're not really wild. It's a parcel of wine grapes that has been abandoned, likely because whoever owned them retired or passed away without a buyer or someone to take over the business. So the parcel sits untended and the weeds and shrubs and trees begin to take over.

A pretty shade of pink.

Meanwhile, grapes continue to form and ripen to the delight of some of the wildlife, I'm sure. We're having another heatwave, by the way. It's not predicted to be as bad as the other two we had this summer, but the peak is expected on Sunday with a high near 36ºC (about 97ºF). Ugh.


  1. People here (Seattle area) are complaining about our summer going away - now we know where it went! Actually the weather person just showed comparisons with previous summers and we aren't out of whack at all. I think because we have a variety of weather people like to talk about it.

  2. If those "wild" grapes are an indication, it looks as if the wine crop might be good.

  3. Another beautiful photo (but then I could say that every single day). This summer has NOT been easy. We're headed to northern Norway in a couple of days. The crisp air will be a nice change! (Of course it's likely to rain every day as well, which would only be a nice change for a moment).

  4. sillygirl, it won't be long before it does go away, but September and October can be really nice, depending on the year.

    emm, we shall see in the spring!

    mitch, here's hoping it's crisp and clear! Bon voyage!


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