Thursday, August 22, 2019

Normal tomatoes

These toms are of a more normal size. And they're supposed to be, so something worked in the garden, despite sizzling heat and drought. More and more tomatoes are turning red and we've started harvesting them, one or two at a time. There's is some blossom-end rot out there, probably related to the wet spring followed by the hot, dry summer. Tomatoes can be persnickety.

These tomatoes have no label and I have no memory of what they're called.

The temperature is supposed to get up into the low 80'sF starting today and for the next few. I'm back to watering every day. I actually cut the "grass" (weeds and their flower stalks) in part of the yard on Tuesday. Then one of the front wheels of the mower decided to detach. I plan to have a look and see if it's fixable today. The mower is eight years old now, exactly the age of its predecessor when we retired it back in 2011. I've already picked out a new one on Amazon. You know, just in case.


  1. Yesterday was one of our more unpleasant days this summer. No air movement. Hot. Humid. No tomatoes.

    1. Only in the shops. None growing on our terrace (it might have helped had we planted any).

  2. mitch, our hot weather is returning, but it's not humid. And we have tomatoes. ;)

    judy, ha!


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