Friday, August 16, 2019

And now for something completely different

I know that Ken has already shown photos of the work we had done this summer, but what the heck. It's my turn. The work is essentially done, although a few finishing touches remain. These photos are of the wc and bathroom on the main floor. I'll show photos the new work in the loft tomorrow.

The old wc, with new toilet, half-wall, and even a new mirror over the old sink. We had some of the blue paint left from years ago. And while the old paint has faded a bit and the colors don't quite match, it's good enough for now. The only thing missing is a strip of black baseboard on the floor behind the toilet. That's being made now and will be installed when it's ready.

In addition to getting the new half-bath in the loft, we replaced the toilet in the old wc with a new suspended model. That required building a half-height wall to hide the workings, which was necessary anyway to hide the plumbing that goes from there up to the loft. Originally the idea was that the pipes would come down from the ceiling in the wc, but that seemed like it would be too cramped. Ken came up with the idea to bring the pipes down on the other side of the wall, in the much larger bathroom, then through the wall to the wc where the existing drain goes down to the sewer connection.

The column in the corner hides the new plumbing. Notice the now-white pipes below the towel warmer. It took three years and about five minutes for me to paint them. That tile (wall and floor) is original to the house and in good shape, so we've never changed it.

The drain pipe comes down from the loft (and the water supply line goes up) in a corner of the existing bathroom. The pipes are hidden inside a column that our builder constructed. I painted the column the same color as the bathroom walls. I also finally painted the copper pipes that feed and drain the towel warmer/radiator, a small job that's been waiting for three years to be done. I finally got a "round tuit."


  1. Everything looks spiffy! The pipe enclosure looks like it's been there as long as the tile.

  2. Very nice! The color looks to be heliotrope. My favorite color.

  3. Very nice! And I so envy those marvelous towel warmers that seem to be in every European bathroom but, sadly, in very few American ones.
    The heliotrope looks like what i'd call hyacinth blue, just lovely. I once had a pair of Ferragamos in that color -- ah, those were the days.

  4. judy, thanks! It matches the little cabinet, which is just barely visible in that photo.

    evelyn, we were hoping that it would just blend in, and it has!

    mitch, :)

    whimsy, according to the paint can, it's called Delphi Blue.

    emm, the towel warmer is nice. It's plumbed into the heating system, so it only works when the heat is on, which is usually when we need it. Electric warmers work anytime, but we figured we didn't need warm towels in summer.


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