Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Tiny tomatoes

A funny thing happened on the way to the tomato harvest: some of them didn't grow. I think that the two heat waves and the overall lack of rain contributed to the stunted growth of several of the plants in this year's garden. Namely, the roma tomatoes. The plants didn't get much more than two feet tall, and the fruit, of which there is not much, is tiny. Like, smaller than cherry tomatoes.

These golden nugget tomatoes are supposed to be small.

The romas this year might be good in a salad, but that's about it. I guess they needed more water than I gave them, although I don't think I watered less than usual. I just had to water every day. The other tomatoes in the garden are looking more normal-sized, except for one plant labeled cœur de bœuf (beef heart tomatoes) whose fruit looks more like cœur de grenouille* (frog heart tomatoes). Oh well. It could be that I got some bum seeds, or that I somehow mixed up the labels between the greenhouse and the garden. Can't rule out pilot error.

These romas are about the same size as the golden nuggets.

* I made that up. There's no such thing.


  1. But how do they taste? Sometimes when they are smaller than usual they are concentrated in flavor!

  2. With next year's harvest in mind, check out info on using Epsom salts to give your tomatoes a boost.

  3. Hybrid tomatoes come from *somewhere;* I think "frog hearts" might have legs.

  4. Perfect as additions to one of our local scenes of Bethlehem at Christmas. Scale-model tomatoes.


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