Saturday, August 10, 2019


Our tomatoes are getting bigger, and a few of them are turning red. In fact, I picked two completely ripe tomatoes on Friday. We ate them along with some yellow cherry-style tomatoes in a salad at lunch time. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for good weather (no hail) while the crop ripens.

If my labels are correct (and I'm not certain they are), these are Fireball tomatoes.

One year a while back, our tomatoes were stricken with blight and we watched as they rotted on the vine. It was pretty disappointing. Since then I've used an anti-fungus Bordeaux mixture to help prevent le mildiou, as it's called. We've been lucky so far.


  1. Wow, the basil looks wonderful, and three cheers for ripening tomatoes!

  2. I think I could use some of that anti-fungus mix around here. Is it a spray?

  3. judy, it's very tasty. A good crop.

    evelyn, I buy it in powder form, then mix it with water and spray it on the tomato plants. Look for "Bordeaux mixture."

    emm, you can say that again!

  4. I have a book "100 heirloom tomatoes" - I had a bucket list to grow them all.
    If there was any good reason to move back to the midwest it is to grow tomatoes.

  5. Ooh, I'm imagining that delicious flavor. (With a hint of Bordeaux?)


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