Wednesday, August 14, 2019

An experiment

It's hard to believe, but in the nearly two and a half years since Tasha has been here, we've never left her alone in the house. Except for very briefly when going across the street to our neighbors, only to ask if she's welcome (she is) and coming back to get her. We have an appointment in Blois in early September and I don't want to leave Tasha in the car. For one thing, it could very well be too hot to leave a dog in the car. And for another, we don't know how long our meeting will take and I'm not comfortable leaving her alone in a strange parking lot.

With the sunrise at my back, looking west over the vineyard.

So, we will need to leave her at home. Over the next few days, Ken and I plan to take short trips away from home (like to the store or the recycle center) and leave Tasha by herself, hoping she'll get used to the idea of being home alone and understand that we will always come back. I forgot how and when we did this with Callie, but I don't remember it being a problem. Callie hated the car, so I think she preferred to stay home. Tasha loves the car, so she may not be happy about not getting to go for a ride.


  1. Is Bert arount to keep Tasha company?

  2. Oh, my, that’s a big step! I hope Tasha does just fine ☺️

  3. Going slowly will be good. I bet she will catch on.

  4. Is a nannycam a good idea to check up on her?

  5. Does she stay with you quietly and calmly when you take her to cafés when you are traveling? Perhaps she could go with you to the appointment? You are the citizens, now, not me, but it seemmed to me the french take their dogs everywhere.
    Your strategy to acclimate her to your home is a good one, though. 2 1/2 years ALREADY? That seems impossible. This is the most difficult thing about getting older for me. Time just seems to speed up when it feels like I am appreciating each day and then I hear something like this and I just have to smile at myself!

    Mary in Oregon

  6. Leave a radio on. It helps our anxious dog. We hardly leave her but sometimes it can't be helped.

  7. Years ago, a friend told me that when she went out she always told her dog, "I'll be back." Over time, the dog recognized the repetition. Not sure if it comforted dog or owner more, but I do it now, just in case.
    I've always trained my dogs the way you're planning to do, with short leavings, then they know you're coming back. I do the same in getting a new dog used to doggie day care or boarding, go for an afternoon so they understand you're not dumping them.
    Tasha seems pretty calm, I expect she'll be fine.

  8. ellen, he went out when we were loading the car, but apparently came back after we left. I'm sure that helped.

    judy, she did!

    evelyn, yeah, she's a smart dog.

    sillygirl, probably, but we don't have smart phones, so it wouldn't be very easy.

    mary, we don't have much experience with cafés and restos yet, but the few we've taken her to have been outdoors and she did fine.

    christina, we left the tv on, and I'm sure it helped.

    emm, she's easily excited by passing pedestrians and cars. And I do have a similar phrase I use when saying good-bye to dogs.

  9. I see by your responses that it went well. So glad!


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