Wednesday, August 07, 2019


During the night we had a brief rain shower. Then, early this morning, we had a more steady rain for what I think was an hour or so. I was snoozing in between drops. It's nice to have some rain, but it certainly won't be enough to put a dent in the drought. That task falls to winter this year. We'll see how it goes. Meanwhile, they're having quite violent thunderstorms in the south this morning. I'm glad it's not us.

An acacia sapling out on the edges of the vineyard.

I haven't checked the rain gauge yet, but I'm hoping that enough rain fell to water the vegetables and I can skip a day of hand-watering. Tasha and I will head out soon for our first "muddy paws" walk in nearly two months.

UPDATE: It's been raining for a few hours now. Rain gauge says 21mm (almost an inch), so watering the garden won't be necessary. Yippee!


  1. We didn’t get any rain in my location in Paris.

  2. No watering.... yay!
    And it is soooooo much fresher out there!!

  3. CHM, none in Paris? We had quite a downpour in Nogent sur Marne Yesterday. It then rained steadily for a long time. I was sure it moved westward.

    1. Ellen, one day, eons ago, as a school boy when I was in a class at Albert de Mun in Nogent-sur-Marne, it was raining cats and dogs on one side of the building on avenue des Maronniers and it was bright sunshine on the other side! I had never seen anything like that. So you may have had a lot of rain in your location while there was none here. (Since I was a pensionnaire I used to walk across the bois to the metro station Château de Vincennes to come home for the weekend. Memories!)

    2. I remember a winter day in Paris when I was on the right bank and it was sunny but cold with a north wind. I took the metro over to the left bank, and when I emerged from the station over there, it was snowing. River-effect snow was my conclusion.

  4. Hope you’re not currently out watering!

  5. chm, most of the big rain (and orages) stayed south of us.

    tim, we'll probably be back to watering soon.

    ellen, curious!

    mitch, nope. Maybe tomorrow.

    judy, a brief respite!


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