Monday, August 26, 2019

Another heat wave

Last night was very uncomfortable for sleeping. I didn't get much, except for a couple of hours early this morning as it cooled off. We got up over 33ºC (over 91ºF) on Sunday. It's supposed to be a little warmer than that today and Tuesday. I'm thinking that the only thing making this heat not as bad as June's and July's is that the days are getting shorter this time of year.

The knapweed (I think) flowers are long gone, the pods are brown, and the seeds are floating away.

Our yard is burned to a crisp, as are most of the neighbors' yards, except in areas that are sheltered from the sun. Even those are extremely dry due to lack of water. I think the moles have moved down into the ravines where it's shady and probably damp, where they can find food. The mice and voles may have followed them, judging by the fact that Bert hasn't brought one home in a while.

What a strange, hot summer it's been. We're looking forward to fall.


  1. Our weather has been strange also, I'm hoping fall will be more normal.

  2. evelyn, me too! But I'll probably complain about it. lol.

  3. Uf! We were so happy to finally escape the heat and humidity at home. Arrived in Trondheim to a summer-like day of sunshine. We sweated through our T-shirts!


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