Thursday, August 29, 2019

Still producing

The zucchini are starting to pile up. I've got to process them and freeze them before they go soft. I guess we're not eating them fast enough, even though we seem to eat them almost daily. I like to grate them in the food processor and freeze them. Then, later in the year, I can thaw the grated squash for fritters or for zucchini bread.

I picked this one after I took the photo. I can see at least six more growing on this plant. Yikes!

Last year we had a bumper crop of potimarron, those red kuri squash that have a nice chestnutty taste. To preserve those, I roasted them and froze the flesh. There is still a lot of it in the freezer for making pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread this fall. I was smart enough not to grow any this year.


  1. I printed out a recipe for zucchini pickles the other day - hope to find that person that grew too much in my area. The several times we tried to grow it we got none.


  2. sillygirl, looks like a good idea. I just picked two more this morning!

  3. I also do zucchini relish - you can use big zucchini for this. My recipe has onions and peppers, turmeric, nutmeg, curry powder, celery seed, cornstarch, pepper and vinegar and sugar. Let me know if you want this recipe as there are lots of different recipes out there. We happen to like this one best. Love it with a sandwich of bread, cheese, the relish and plenty of lettuce leaves.

  4. Hello ! You can eat the flowers too ! just remove the stamens before! it's delicious and very easy to do :)


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