Friday, August 30, 2019

Here come the beans

In the spring I planted a row of yellow flat beans along the garden's trellis. They sprouted quickly and started climbing, but then they slowed down. I suspect that the heat waves had something to do with that. But a week or so ago I noticed blossoms, and now the beans are forming.

The beans are getting bigger and are starting to turn yellow.

I hope the crop is good, because we like flat beans. Green flat beans are usually available in the markets and they're really good. I wonder if this year's weather will have had any impact on the commercial crops.


  1. I love green beans, but picking them can be challenging because they're so camouflaged in their leaves. Looks like you may have a good crop there.

  2. emm, I often miss a few and find them when they've become too big.

  3. I concur it is good to grow beans that one can not readily obtain in the market.


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