Thursday, August 08, 2019

Not quite as high as an elephant's eye

The grass hasn't grown much this summer because of the drought. The last time I cut it was more than a month ago. Now, after yesterday's rain, I'm expecting a growth burst.

These tall grasses are not in our yard, thankfully.

Today I plan to harvest a bunch of basil from the garden to make pesto. We'll eat it on some fresh pasta that Ken brought home from the supermarket. Super U has a line of fresh pasta that includes tagliatelle, spaetzle, and fettuccine. The ingredients are few and wholesome. In the case of the tagliatelle, they're just flour, water, and eggs. As an appetizer, we'll eat melon and ham. Melons from the south and east of France are plentiful, delicious, and inexpensive this year and we've been enjoying them frequently with slices of cured ham. A summer favorite!


  1. And now I'm craving prosciutto and melon... or the Spanish version.

  2. I remember eating melons from Calvados- there's nothing that taste so good here. Enjoy!

  3. I had never heard of, or imagined, having ham with melon, until it was served at a big lunch in the Barcelona area, during my one and only trip to Spain. Your whole meal sounds very summery!

  4. don't need many ingredients to make fresh pasta. enjoy! mangia!

  5. oooh, that fresh pasta sounds very good. And melons, yum.

  6. Now I'm hungry for a Cavaillon melon. We haven't had a good melon yet this year.

  7. mitch, and you don't have to cook it!

    evelyn, how about eating melons WITH calvados? :)

    judy, gotta enjoy the summer food while it's available. More zucchini today.

    anne marie, I used to make fresh pasta but haven't done it in a while.

    emm, it's very good!

    chris, we've had years like that, too.


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