Thursday, August 01, 2019

À sec

This is a small pond on a neighbor's property. It's completely dry. The pond was never really full, and it was cleaned out and enlarged a few years ago. I believe it was once where used water and waste from the neighbor's house went to soak into the ground. Since the neighborhood got its sewer line, it's not used for that any more.

This pond is normally a couple of feet deep, but it has completely dried up because of the drought.

The pond outside our back gate is not dry and seems to have plenty of water in it. It's also full of frogs, an invasive river weed called jussie or ludwigia (water primrose), and it even has a small stand of  massettes or typha (cattails). I remember one year early on when the town trucked water up from the river to keep the pond full. I think that's where the jussie came from. "Our" pond is not on our property, but is owned and maintained by the town and serves as a reserve for fire fighting. That's probably why it's kept filled.


  1. Does your pond add to any mosquito problems?

  2. In rural Maine, that kind of town pond for fire-fighting is called a "firepond". Where I lived, someone once left a truck in neutral, and it rolled into the pond. Quite the to-do, the firemen getting it out. Big doings, yes, indeedy.
    Any sign of the neighbor's roaming cat?

  3. mitch, I think the frogs must eat most of the larvae that hatch out there.

    emm, wow! No cat sightings as of yet.


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