Wednesday, July 31, 2019


And the livin' is dry. When the heat wave broke last weekend, we got some rain. About six millimeters worth. That's not much. I'm still watering the vegetable garden every morning to keep it alive. I wonder if I'm watering enough, but I don't want to overdo it, either. The peppers have a lot of blossoms and the zukes are producing.

Tuesday morning's sunrise.

Some of the tomato plants seem smaller than they should be, and a few of them have burned leaves from the heat. So do some of the yellow flat beans. Oh well. Like I said once before, I'm not going to take extraordinary measures.


  1. Incredible sky. We haven’t had much of that lately. I so wish it would rain here, but it’s rare this time of year. I had also hoped your rain would have been better than it was.

  2. We keep watering through our drought. I'm trying to keep my shade garden going since I moved lots of plants from Anniston here and they are my babies. I planted a passion vine this year and it is thriving- it likes the drought I think. Wishing you rain asap.

  3. We finally had some rain on Monday -- a good, all morning, steady rain. Humidity went up, but plants liked it :)

  4. mitch, rain is becoming rarer in French summers, too. I don't have any hard statistics, but it sure feels that way.

    evelyn, in the meantime, I continue to water the veggies, which is permitted.

    judy, I'll bet they did!


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